Relationship with Addiction Through Searches of PubMed

RatsPub is a tool to efficiently and comprehensively answer the question "What do we know about these genes and addiction?". RatsPub answers this question by searching PubMed to find sentences containing the query terms (i.e., gene symbols) and over 300 drug addiction-related keywords that are organized into seven categories. Data from NHGRI-EBI GWAS catalog are also included in the search. These gene-keyword relationships are presented as an interactive graph and a table. Gene alias often include non-specific words and are thus not included in the initial search. However, a list of alias can be found by clicking on the gene symbol in the results section. These alias then can be searched with a single click.

Up to 200 gene symbols can be entered in the box below. Gene symbols can be separated by a space, a comma or a semicolon. User accounts (free) can be created if you prefer to save the results.
Example: Rgma Nrxn3 Penk.

Please choose keyword categories to be included in the search: