Relationship with Addiction Through Searches of PubMed

RatsPub searches PubMed to find sentences that contain the query terms (i.e., gene symbols) and drug addiction-related keywords. These gene-keyword relationships are presented as an interactive graph that can efficiently answer the question "What do we know about these genes and addiction?". Data from EBI GWAS catalog are also included in the search to better answer this question.

The graph has many interactive elements. For example, clicking gene names will launch a new search for sentences containing the target gene and 200 addiction-related genes. These results help to answer the question "Are there genes that can link my gene of interest to addiction?"

Up to 100 gene symbols can be searched at a time. Gene symbols can be separated by either a space or a semicolon. Gene alias will not be automatically included because the large number of false matches associated with gene synonyms retrieved from databases.

Example: Rgma Nrxn3 Chrna3